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Teach Members to Defend Their Data

The weakest link in the mobile security chain isn’t the device’s operating system or a faulty app, but rather the device’s owner, according to a report from Javelin Strategy & Research and Nok Nok Labs. more>

Provide Members With Digital Privacy Notices

The CFPB recently finalized a rule that allows credit unions to more effectively deliver privacy disclosures to members. The new rule says that under certain circumstances you can post your privacy notices on your website... more>

Check Kiting—12 Warning Signs

While all front-line employees need to be trained on how check kiting works, tellers especially are in an ideal position to help monitor for possible kiting schemes more>

Six Ways to Promote a BSA Compliance Culture

A recent FinCEN advisory (FIN-2014-A007) highlighted six general principles that could help financial institutions and their leadership improve and strengthen organizational compliance with BSA obligations: more>

Optimizing Staff Scheduling for Improved Branch Performance

Three out of four consumers still prefer in-branch interactions. As institutions transform their branches from a transactions focus to a sales-and service-oriented customer interaction channel, improving staff capacity optimization becomes a key issue. more>

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